Series of cutting boards
Collaboration with Mavel Design
Currently looking for a producer

A cutting board that enhances the beauty and versatility of wood by showing all the sides on one board. The trimmed o corners make a great shape and showcase the beauty of the end grain. A modern cutting board for anyone who loves clean and simple shapes.
Polygon is a handy companion in your kitchen. Ideal for cutting herbs, fruits and vegetables, but also a great serving platter. Apart from aeshtetic reasons, the angled cuts on Polygon make a great handle.
The chamfer on the bottom of the board create a handle to pick up the board, while the one on top makes a nice end grain detail.

Materials: Ash, Sycamore, Oak
Finish: Natural oil
Thickness 21mm
350 x 200mm
500 x 300mm
550 x 250mm

First collaboration with Maveldesign